This Lodge practices Canadian Work.

Summerland Lodge celebrated 100 years on 30 May 2009.
A bronze plaque has been mounted on a cairn in Lower Town commemorating the event. Grand Master R. Glenn Allen was on hand for the ceremonies.


Regular meetings of Summerland Lodge are held in the
IO OF Hall, 9536 Main Street, Summerland, B.C.
We meet at 7:30 PM, on the third Thursday of every month,
with the exception of July and August.

Directions To Lodge

Emergent Communication On:

The Emergent Communications will be
Detailed when they are scheduled and communicated at the lodge.

Location is IOOF Hall
9536 Main Street, Summerland BC

Regular Communication On

NOTE - The next communication will be on:

Thursday November 16,2017
Tyled at 7:30 PM

The Grand Masters Official Visit to District 10
is Saturday March 03, 2018
At Southern Gate Lodge No. 124
Lodge Tyles at 2:00 PM

Location is Oliver Lodge Hall
6145 Kootenay Street, Oliver, BC

Board Of General Purposes

Called To Order At 7:00 PM
Location Parkdale Lodge,
9700 Brown Ave.
Summerland, B.C.

The Masonic Brethren meet every Wednesday morning at 9:00 AM over coffee for an informal get-together. Use 'Contact' for location.

On the last Wednesday of each month, the Brethren meet at 8:30 AM for breakfast. For information on the Lodge, ask any Summerland Lodge Brother for details or click Contact

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